Every carpet requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it looking its best. You may not need to clean it as often as other carpets, but steam cleaning can help remove dirt that has built up and help to keep it looking fresher and more beautiful. There are many different methods for cleaning your carpet, so before you make a decision about which method is best for you, it’s important to understand what each method does to ensure the results you’re looking for. Here’s how often to Steam Clean your Carpet:

How often should you steam clean your carpet

Vacuum – Vacuuming removes surface dirt and dust from your carpet and also removes any odor. This option is the best one for keeping your carpet free of dirt. Just vacuum frequently and you’ll be fine. You might have to vacuum every couple of weeks or so if you have a lot of traffic in your house. But remember to always vacuum on a new cleaning cycle to ensure that you get the most out of your vacuuming efforts.

Dry Clean – Drying the carpet is the next best thing to steam cleaning. Using a dry duster or a hairdryer on a low setting will get most of the moisture from your carpet without burning or damaging it. The best way to go about this is to dry clean the carpet in your home first. Then take the items from your home and place them in the dryer on a low setting. Make sure they are completely dry before you take them out.

Blow Dry – This is the best option for removing the most stubborn stains and dirt from a carpet. Using a high-speed air dryer will blast the moisture from the carpet and the actual steam will dry the carpet very quickly. You can use a brush attachment to gently dry the carpet or you can use the high heat of the dryer to blast the moisture from the carpet. Use a damp towel to dry the carpet and then use a dry duster or dryer to finish the job off.

Deodorizers – Sometimes we just don’t smell our carpet, and that’s when we know it’s time to deodorize the carpet. There are several types of deodorizers you can buy at any store. If the odor doesn’t go away after using the deodorizer you can try using a carpet spray deodorant. You can also rent a deodorizer at your local grocery or hardware store.

Floor Mats – These will catch most of the crumbs and pet odors that are tracked throughout your house. When you steam clean your carpet these mats will help release that odor. However, if the carpet is already soiled you may need to add some more conditioning to help lift the odor out of your carpet.