If you are considering investing in a brand new hardwood floors or if you have just bought your first set of wooden flooring and would like to know how to refinishing hardwood floors, the first thing you need to do is to find out what the different types of wood are. This will help you in making a better choice for the finish you want to apply on your hardwood floors. TDI Hardwood Flooring offers various hardwood floors, complete with hardwood floors installation, refinishing, cleaning, sanding and dustless polishing in Victoria BC.

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The two most popular types of hardwood floors are solid and engineered. Engineered floors are constructed out of real wood. They usually have a core comprised of plywood, which is glued onto a frame. The engineered wood flooring is said to be very strong as it is made up of solid wood layers bonded together by a plastic membrane. While solid wood floor scraping is often done by hand with a variety of tools and substances. However, with today’s modern machines, there are machines available that allow you to scrap the wood floor without having to use as much force as you might otherwise need to.

It is important to understand the differences between solid wood and engineered wood before you begin refinishing your hardwood floors. The thickness of solid wood is much greater than that of the engineered variety. You should therefore use a much thinner finish on your solid wood floors than you would on your engineered wood floors. This will ensure that your refinishing job looks much better and will last longer.

Before you get started on how to refinish hardwood floors, you must make sure all previous floor coatings have been removed. Take all the rugs, mats, pillows and other furniture out of the rooms you are refinishing. If they are not taken out, you will not be able to properly refinish the hardwood floors. Once you have the rooms out of the way, you can then start to treat your hardwood floors. You need to work in small sections at a time so you do not damage the wood while you refinish it.

When you refinish you have several options available. You can either remove the top layer and apply a new top coat, or you can apply an all over refinishing which is the easiest method and will leave your wood looking absolutely beautiful. The method you choose depends on what look you are trying to achieve and what kind of results you are hoping for. In any event, using this type of refinishing will take a lot less effort than the older methods when you were working by hand. If you have never used a sandpaper before you should start off with a grain-and-clear finish if you are going for that vintage look.

Some of the things you will need to know when learning how to refinish hardwood floors are how to sand the floor and using a drum sander. Once you have these tools, you can begin to apply the different coats of finish. Make sure to wear protective gloves, a dust mask and goggles to keep yourself safe. Once you are finished applying the first coat you will want to let it dry overnight. You can then apply another coat or several coats if you wish until your floor is glossy and ready for use. You will find that refinishing your floor can be an easy and inexpensive project for anyone with a little patience.