When cleaning your skateboard’s bearings, there are a number of products available, including Liquid Bearing bearings oil and Super Lube. These products have different benefits, click here to know. They are safer, have less viscosity, and are easier to apply to hard-to-reach parts. However, they can also be difficult to apply correctly, so you’ll need to practice on a skateboard before applying lube.

Super Lube

Using a skateboard lubricant is important to keep your wheels running smoothly and prevent rust. You can also use light machine oil or sewing grease. White lithium grease works well in rainy weather. Just make sure it doesn’t stink! Some skateboard lubes have a needle-like applicator for easy application. These lubricants have special additives that displace moisture.

How to clean skate and longboard bearings

The Super Lube to lubricant and protect your skateboard bearings does not have a bad odor, and it’s food-grade and safe for most surfaces. It works with all brands and types of bearings, and is especially good for ceramic skateboards. While it’s expensive, it’s worth the money to enjoy smooth skating for many years to come.

Another benefit to using Super Lube to lubricant and protect skateboard bearings is that it has a low viscosity. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t need to dry for hours. You can apply it in hard-to-reach places without worrying about spilling or leaking. It also works in cold weather, so it’s great for skateboarding all year round. And because it is odorless, you can easily keep it nearby.

ABEC soldiers

Skateboard bearings are an unnoticed hero of the sport, hidden behind truck bolts and bearing guards. They are the only line of defense against grime and dirt. Here are some tips for maintaining the smooth operation of your skateboard bearings. Clean them at least twice a year. Also, keep them lubricated and cleaned to extend their life.

Before cleaning skateboard bearings, you’ll need to find an area where you can remove the bearings safely. A workbench is an ideal location, but you can also clean them on a floor. A skatepark, for example, is an excellent place to clean bearings. A level workbench is your best bet, as the skateboard bearings may be pressed into the concrete.

ABEC bearings are equivalent to the ones in an Indy car. This means they are extremely precise, but aren’t built for off-road use. They would eventually break down if the suspension collapses or the engine gets dirty. And you don’t want that to happen. Therefore, you need to take good care of your skateboard bearings by cleaning them regularly.

Liquid Bearing bearings oil

There are many benefits to using Liquid Bearings oil to lubricant and clean your skateboard bearings. This lubricant is 100% synthetic, odorless, and safe to use around children. The lubricant works effectively and is cost-effective. Other benefits of Liquid Bearings oil include safety and eco-friendliness. It is easy to use and won’t cause skin damage or stomach problems. It is a great alternative to traditional oil-based lubricants.

Using Liquid Bearings oil to clean and lubricate skateboards is one of the easiest ways to keep your skateboard’s bearings in good condition. The oil is made especially for skateboard bearings. They provide the benefits of lubricant and protection. However, cleaning skateboard bearings yourself isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The lubricants used by professional skaters are simple to use and don’t contain many ingredients.


One way to lubricate and clean skateboard bearings is with WD-40. This lubricant is not the best solution for skateboard bearings, since it can dry them out and attract dust. Instead, you should use bearing grease or a product like Prolong. Similarly, you can use Vaseline to lubricate your skateboard bearings, but it will not last as long.

You can also use mineral spirits, rubbing alcohol, or acetone to clean skateboard bearings. Make sure to wear gloves when handling these substances, and wipe them with a paper towel afterward. If acetone is too harsh, use mineral spirits or fingernail polish to clean them. Once the bearings are clean, lubricate them again with skateboard bearing lubricant.

Using WD-40 to lubricant and wipe skateboard bearings will also remove the buildup of dirt. Make sure you avoid motor oil or cooking oil, since both will dry out the bearings. Using speed cream instead of grease will lubricate your skateboard without exposing the lubricant to dust. Afterward, push the bearing shields back into place gently. Finally, push the wheel down firmly to set the bearings.