A taxation lawyer is like a lawyer and also acts on behalf of the taxpayers. A Lawyer’s Directory provides a lawyer who give you the best taxation services. He represents their case before the taxing authority. He prepares all the papers needed and submits them before the taxing authority for consideration. If his client wins the case, the taxpayer will have to pay only the taxes that were actually collected, not the penalties and interests. If he loses, then the taxpayer can ask the court for relief.

What does a taxation lawyer do

The main aim of the taxation lawyer is to help the taxpayer to resolve his/her tax problem in an efficient way. He prepares all the papers that are required by law and make sure that the tax returns are filed in the right manner. He can even help the taxpayer to settle the tax debt. However, the lawyer will not be able to deal with the IRS and he has to hire his own tax preparers.

When you file your tax return by yourself, you may overlook a small mistake which the tax preparer may forgive later. But this time, when you make a tax return, you should be very careful. Mistakes do happen and the tax lawyer has to be prepared for such situations. You can hire the services of a tax accountant or a tax planner who can guide you through the process.

What does a taxation lawyer do if he finds out that your taxes have been filed incorrectly? First, he calls you and asks you questions regarding the discrepancies. Then he compares the records with the tax return so that there are no errors. If this comparison cannot be made, he gives you an opinion. Then he contacts the tax authority and asks them for actions against the erring taxpayers.

The taxation lawyer is also responsible for making sure that your taxes are paid in full. He makes sure that your penalties and interest are paid, and he makes sure that you don’t run into any future problems with the IRS. You can use the services of the lawyer when you feel that you are being harassed by the IRS or when you want to settle a tax debt.

What does a tax lawyer do if he finds out that you have been a victim of identity theft? He checks to make sure that the thief has not used your identity. He might ask the thief for his Social Security number so that he can order for a replacement. He will also inform you whether you are legally responsible for the debts due to the identity theft or not. Finally, he will file a complaint with the police so that you are informed about what you owe and you are stopped from filing for bankruptcy because of the outstanding taxes.