There are many types of upholstery, but the fabric you choose will depend on the environment in which your sofa will be placed. What is the room’s temperature and humidity like? Is the sofa a shared space with pets? You’ll also want to consider Upholstery Sydney and fade resistance if you have pets. If you’re allergic to dust and dander, you’ll want to select a fabric that doesn’t attract dust and lint.


The choice of fabric for your sofa will depend on the purpose it will serve. If you have a pet, you may want to consider a microfiber or leather fabric. If your sofa will be used often, the choice of fabric should be durable and complement the interior design. If you are not sure which type of fabric to use, here are some suggestions:

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Vinyl upholstery sets new standards for aesthetics, convenience, and performance. Designed to last the lifetime of your furniture, it can be wiped clean effortlessly. Antimicrobials are used to control unwanted microbes and keep vinyl clean. In addition, it’s safe for maritime use. To learn more about vinyl upholstery, read on! Hopefully these tips will keep your vinyl looking newer longer. Vinyl upholstery is an excellent option for any type of upholstered furniture!


Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that resembles almost any other fabric. It is durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Most microfiber couches come with removable cushions. The material is easy to clean with a solvent-based cleaner and a lint roller. If it resembles leather, you may need to condition it periodically. It is not necessary to have an upholstery cleaner to keep it looking its best.


There are literally thousands of fabrics to choose from – everything from formal to casual to fun! The best way to choose the perfect fabric for your sofa depends on the space you plan to place it in. When choosing the right pattern, pay attention to the scale of the patterns, as large patterns may be too overwhelming in a small room. On the other hand, a small pattern may center on the sofa better, allowing the pattern to pop. Look for a fabric that is fade and mildew resistant, as these properties are necessary if the fabric is going to be placed in a high-humidity area. Moreover, microfiber fabric is beneficial to allergy sufferers because it doesn’t attract dust and is lint-free.


Acrylic is a manmade substitute for wool. It is very soft, easy to clean, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Acrylic upholstery fabric is easy to maintain, but tends to show stains and other marks easily. Another option is acetate, which is a synthetic fiber that was developed as an imitation of silk. This type of fabric is more heat and moisture resistant, which makes it ideal for use in window treatments.