You wake up to a total surprise that your fake ID is in the mail. For some, this way of waking up is the same as unwrapping your gift on your birthday. You hold it in both your hands and wonder now what and how do you plan to use it? However, if you purchased it from a trustworthy fake ID vendor, you can do quite a few things. So, let us get started.

Never Go Into Anything Blind

Okay, great, you have a counterfeit ID. Unfortunately, it does not always mean that it will work, even from a trustworthy fake ID website. You need to remember that different places will look at your identification differently.


You may face a doorman that will let you off and only give you a curious glance. But you may find a stickler that will be harder than your professor. Even if you have a virtually indistinguishable fake ID from the real thing.


There is always that one chance that it will not work. You may even catch that bouncer on his wrong side, or you may look younger than what is qualified as an appropriate age to enter.


So, if you find yourself in the same predicament mentioned by just going crazy operating on instinct, do not do that. The best is to learn from your experience, and if you do not have any, you can always learn from IDGOD.PH.

A Friendly Spot The Gas Station

For purchasing a binge drink, the best spot is the gas station. Hence, believe us, there are loads of places you can choose where things can go wrong. Luckily, your local gas station is not one of them.


At least for the most part. The place falls into a category where there is little need for you to have experience and is more of a necessity. You can buy gas and get a few lotto tickets or snacks. You get your stuff and move on.


So, no one is keeping a close eye on you except for the tired clerk standing behind the register working a soul-crushing job. We think they are there most of the time only to capture the cam footage for security as robberies keep backfiring.


Yet, they are not always like hawks when examining your fake ID. So, okay, we agree your option for booze is a bit limited. Still, the upside is it is affordable, easily accessible, and open at all-day hours.


So, if you need to give your fake ID a try, that is the first place you need to learn how to use it successfully.

Strike at The Most Unexpected Times at Bars

Yes, when you drink with pals, you do it at two places throughout the evening. You know that your usual suspects you will find at a club, random house party, or the bar. Another great place to enjoy a drink is at a local eatery.


Itmay not sound like a perfect place to get drunk, and it is not. Yet, if you want to start with a light buzz on a Wednesday night without a headache in the morning, it is a great place to enjoy a drink or two.


But to play the fake ID trick, you need to be careful. You do not want to throw it all out there. As some hits with misses, you will quickly find out how you can be caught. The truth is that a restaurant has different people working for them during the day and in the evening.


While most people drink at night, the owners assume it is the only time drinks will be ordered. Hence, the evening staff is trained to check your ID but not as much as in the daytime. So, the day staff will not know the significant differences between a real and fake ID.


You can end up with a hawk-eyed waiter examining your ID when you want to hand it out there at night but not so much during the day. Still, we are not saying it is a foolproof plan and might not work all the time, so always be careful.

Always Set Your Bar Low

Yes, you may have ordered a fake ID scannable card, but you still feel anxious with it in your hands. Still, it also gives you loads of dumb courage. You may find yourself ending up in places that are out of your league and get caught. Remember, it remains a slippery slope.


So, to get the right approach, you need to set your mind on more that is manageable. Remember, a popular place is prevalent for a reason. You find the most traffic there, and you get those stickler bouncers with years of fake ID experience.


Never try to pull a fast one of them, as they will shut you down using their iron fist. Bouncers can easily spot that you are underaged in the glint of your eyes or even the length of the shadow you have.


Instead, visit a low-level bar to turn things around by visiting a local watering hole. You will have a better chance of getting in. These places offer you a relaxed vibe with security with a glance or two.


Or you can always go and do your own thing. Just do not call us to bail you out.

Safety Tips Using Your Fake ID

Great, now that you know where you can try your new fake ID out, it helps to take some precautions in using it.

Memorize Your Fake ID

This is the most critical step, no matter where you use your counterfeit ID. If you want to get through that door, you need to know your data on it from back to front. Know your address, full name, height, and anything notable on that card.


You can even test yourself while drinking just to make sure you know your zip code after a few drinks. Another important thing is to know your birth sign. That stickler might just ask you what it is to verify the birth date you have on your card.

Memorize Your Fake ID

While you are using your fake ID, it also helps to get something similar to a student ID card to whip out as proof if a stickler starts telling you it is fake. You can show it as proof that it is not a counterfeit so that they can compare it to your ID.

Avoid Clubs With a Reputation to Catch Out Fakes

The best is to find out what bars and clubs in your town are known to catch fakes. Avoiding these places will ensure that you can get away and enjoy a good time until you are 21. Then, of course, you can always visit the club later in your life.

Get Someone You Know and Be Friendly

If you have a group of friends who know the doorman, it helps get into place. You need not stand in long lines and will go straight to the front. The chance is that the bouncer will not even check the group IDs making you safe to go and enjoy yourself inside. But remember, once inside, act like an adult and not like a teenager.

Make Sure Your Friends Know You Are Using a Fake

You do not want to stand in front of a stickler with your ID in hand, and one drunk friend calls out your real name. Be sure to inform them what your fake name is.

Using Your Fake is a Privilege

Never take your counterfeit ID for granted. Be cautious about using it instead of visiting a liquor store up to four times to get beer and wine. Buy all the liquor you need at one time. Heading back and forth might make the suspicious clerk think it is robbery.


If you can still use an older friend to buy the booze, we recommend using them to be safe. Lastly, once you reach 21, you can do a favor to a sibling or someone else. You can pass your fake ID to them to have the same fun as you did use your ID.


Following these safety tips will make you more confident. Then, you can enjoy some underaged fun at clubs, bars, concerts, or even get in that adrenaline rush you always wanted to try.