The city of Wollongong, or simply known as “The Gong,” is currently the third-largest in the state of New South Wales. With a population of over 300,000 people, the city attracts thousands of tourists each year. Being just 68 km from Sydney, Wollongong has a thriving business district comprising Wollongong Central and Crown Street Mall, where one can find plenty of offices, departmental stores, recreation, and entertainment centres. 

It’s really no surprise that small businesses find Wollongong a great opportunity to capitalize on. With a growing population, residents, as well as tourists, will undoubtedly need local services and goods all the time. Here lies the importance of SEO. Every small-to-medium business needs to get its SEO game right to rank highly on Google search results for Wollongong. Let’s explain some of the most important from Clicks Marketing Wollongong Agency, SEO factors that business owners need to focus on. 

7 SEO Factors to get Right

 1.   Title Tags

This is the most important factor on your website, even more important than the page title. If the title tag does not have an essential keyword at the start, then it is no good.

Here are a few examples: 

“Handbags Wollongong” 

“Designer Shoes Wollongong” 

“Electrician Wollongong” 

Use your titles and tags in such a way that they describe your product or service. Keywords that appear frequently in the titles and tags of your web pages are more likely to be searched by users, thus increasing your visibility on Google.

2.   H1 Tags

H1 is at the very top of your web page and describes what the page is about in no more than 80 characters. Although it is advised to use only one H1 tag per page, you could use more than one to benefit you in some situations.  Do not use more than three H1 tags, and make sure that you use keywords in the relevant section.

 3.   H2 Tags

H2 tags are like chapters for a book or subheadings in a blog post. They help further divide the content and provide a logical flow to the article or web page. 

Here are a few examples: 

“Brown Handbags in Wollongong ” 

“White Designer Shoes Wollongong”

4.   URL 

The URL of your website is the primary navigation that directs your users to where they need to go. Your website URL must be easy to remember and unique. While you can change your URL, please do not create any duplicates. Many times, duplicate URLs are used for spam purposes. Some of the things to remember with your URL are: 

The URL of your homepage should be unique. If you use the same URL for your homepage and for one of your blog posts, it can confuse visitors. 

The URL of your ‘About Us’ page should be unique. When someone links to your ‘About Us’ page on their site, the reader should directly go to it. 

5.   URLs of Related Pages on the Site 

If you use your blog to write about your industry or your area of expertise, then you will want to link to related topics on your site. This can be done by placing Related Pages that link back to relevant pages on your blog on related topics. You could also link to relevant resources and websites on the blog that you have. For example, if you own a travel agency, you could link to local hotels and restaurants on your website. 

6.   Long-Tail Keywords 

Use long-tail keywords as much as possible in your description tags. Ranking high for generic keywords can be extremely tough, which is the reason you should target more long-tail keywords as these are what your target customers are searching for. However, it is vital to make sure they are written in the right way.

7.   Short Keywords 

We have already discussed that you should use relevant keywords in your page titles and page headers. However, using the right keywords in your copy, which is the part of your content that visitors will actually be reading, is a must. Use words and phrases that you know your audience will find relevant. If you are working with a business portal or professional services, don’t try to use flowery language to attract traffic. Use real words but keep them short and to the point.

Final Words 

There are no secrets or magic tricks; these are all tried and tested SEO strategies that have been a game-changer for a lot of businesses at Wollongong and elsewhere. The techniques explained here are specific to different industries, and in some cases, you may need to incorporate them across your entire website and not just your single business page.