“Fame Park Studios is a place to make special memories in your marriage.” This has always been my approach when selecting a Wedding Cinematographer and photography from Fame Park studios in Sydney, Australia. I have had the pleasure of working with a few different Wedding Cinematographers over the years and have found that they are quite capable of creating an incredible experience for your wedding day. With my experience I can say that Wedding Cinematographer by Fame Park Studios has a very special way of allowing you to create the most unique and unforgettable day of your life while also allowing you to know you will be able to trust their work and be in complete control of what happens on your special day.

“Fame is the first word that comes to mind for anyone who has ever seen our cinematography. It’s a genuine expression of our creative ability to produce the best images for your wedding day. It is evident in our attitude and the passion we feel to help you achieve the photographs you envision for your wedding day.” Dan Coughlin, Photography by Fame

Wedding Photographer Sydney Wide - Fame Park Studios

Many Wedding Cinematographers and Photography by Fame studios offer different packages for weddings, depending on your budget. You might be looking for a Wedding Cinematographer and Photography by Fame package which have many of the same services available, but also includes special assistance with video imaging, with your Wedding DVD’s and making specific requests for certain moments. Some might even go as far as helping you arrange seating and requests for the catering, or having a photographer with you during the ceremony.

Many offer packages, like Wedding Cinematographer and Photography by Fame, where you can order just your music and no additional equipment. If you want your pictures to look just as professional as possible they should be free of red eye, and your wedding pictures should be captured in the most desirable conditions. Many professionals at these locations will offer you after hours emergency service, just in case something happens during your wedding.

These locations are also good places to find Wedding Cinematographers and Photography by Fame photographers. Most offer packages and while some photographers will specialize in weddings only, there are others who offer services to all types of couples. As they have worked with hundreds of clients, they will have portfolios you can view before you make your final decision. This is a great way to find out who the best photographers are, as you will see what styles they prefer, what type of equipment they use and if they are truly talented and hard working.

Wedding photographers and videographers by Fame, like White Lotus Weddings, should be on your list of photographers to hire for your wedding. They offer many choices, from studios in Los Angeles, to Palm Springs, to Las Vegas. Some even offer locations for after wedding parties, such as an island paradise or a cruise. No matter where you choose to hold your ceremony, these photographers will capture it with skill, beauty and panache, and you will be able to look back on your wedding day and think back on the memories that will last forever.